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Colbert's super PAC has raised over $1 million

NEW YORK (AP) - Stephen Colbert's "super" political action committee has raised a staggering $1 million.

PACs were required to submit their financial reports to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday. Colbert disclosed that as of Monday, his Americans for a Better Tomorrow PAC has raised more than $1.02 million.

In a letter to the commission, Colbert was quoted as saying "How you like me now, FEC?"

When Colbert recently flirted with running for president, he legally transferred control of his PAC to Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show." On Monday's "The Colbert Report," he hunted down Stewart to regain his PAC presidency.

Colbert raised the money by asking for donations from his viewers. He hasn't yet said what he intends to do with it.

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