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Little singer makes waves at Ole Miss game

(WMC-TV) - A performance by an 11-year-old girl at an Ole Miss game is getting nationwide attention.

Usually students in the Old Miss music department sing the national anthem at athletics events but recently, they went with little Grace Davis and her performance took center stage.

She's a little girl with a big voice.

"I had to rewind it and watch it again," said Ole Miss student Tony Stewart.

YouTube video of 11-year-old Grace Gunn Davis singing the National Anthem at last Thursdays Ole Miss basketball game has taken the Internet and campus by storm.

"I was right there in the front row and when she sang it, it was definitely an inspiration," said another student, James Lott.

"I couldn't believe she was 11-years-old," said Stewart. "She was really, really good."

Brandon Hudspeth, marketing director for Ole Miss Athletics, said Davis was chosen after he received a demo tape from her father.

"We have a policy here where nine times out of ten it's usually a student," he said.

Davis previously sang at a Mississippi Braves game and Hudspeth said he knew she had a great voice, but admits he was a little nervous she would forget the words

"At the beginning, she paused for a second and in my head I was like - 'She forgot the words,'" he said.

But Davis nailed it.

"She's a huge hit and Ole Miss is proud to have stuff like that around here," Hudspeth said.

"To be quite honest, I'd much rather her sing the national anthem at every game," Lott said. "That's an inspiration."

Hudspeth said since Davis' performance last week, his email inbox has been overflowing with people who want to know more about the young lady with the tremendous voice. He said he's pretty sure this won't be the last time people hear the name Grace Davis.

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