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Residents angry fire department wants to cut trucks

(WMC-TV) – Midtown Memphis residents fought with fire and city officials Tuesday night in an effort to protect a fire truck.

Some Midtown residents don't like the idea of the Memphis Fire Department removing the ladder truck from the station that serves their neighborhood.

"You can't put a cost on the value of life," said resident Leah Rowen.

Rowen is concerned that removing the ladder could put students at Peabody Elementary School in danger. The school is three stories high, so a ladder truck may be needed.

"If you pull one truck out of the system it has a ripple effect on the other fire houses," she said.

Tuesday night, fire officials met with concerned residents to talk about changes to the delivery of services by the Memphis Fire Department.

The fire department is recommending reducing the number of ladder trucks in the city from 27 to 23 and increasing the number of ambulances from 33 to 35.

"About 80 percent of our calls are EMS calls as opposed to fire calls," said Memphis City Council member Kemp Conrad. "So we're always trying to be as efficient as we can, but also maintaining a world class fire department."

The fire department is also recommending reducing the number of firefighters by 100...

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