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Video: Actress Kristen Bell sobs before meeting sloth

Photo courtesy WikiCommons. Photo courtesy WikiCommons.

(WMC-TV) – Lots of people are wild for dogs and cats, but actress Kristen Bell sobbed after her fiancé told her she was getting to spend some quality time with a sloth this summer.

Luckily Dax Shepherd, a star of NBC's "Parenthood" shot video of Bell's reaction to her 31st birthday present, and it's truly something to behold.

Here's how the LA Times described it: "Yes, the anticipation of the sloth proved too much to bear. She went fetal on their bed with the family dogs and erupted into full blown, little-girl-in-love-with-Bieber tears."

If you're wondering, sloths are slow-moving animals native to South America. They're related to armadillos and eat mostly leaves and shoots, and apparently, they can bring at least one A-List actress to tears.

To skip right to the weeping Kristen Bell, fastforward to the two minute mark in the video above.

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