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Driver strikes officer with car over parking dispute

(WMC-TV) - A police report said suspect Christopher Donovan struck an officer in the left shoulder with his car Friday because it was about to be towed for six unpaid tickets.

In late November, City Court Clerk Thomas Long announced the city's new booting and towing program that started at the beginning of January.

"I really don't want to boot anyone's automobile," said Long.  "We're not trying to make money for the city.  However, we are trying to change behavior."

A new city ordinance allows Memphis police officers to tow or boot those with three or more delinquent fines.

Although investigators know Donovan's identity and have his tag and VIN number, Memphis police said by e-mail the investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made.

The police report described what happened as a simple assault that ended a wild argument in an ongoing parking war downtown.

The officer was not seriously hurt.  

Simple assault is a misdemeanor.  A conviction can carry up to 11 months, 29 days in jail.

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