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East Shelby County community considers incorporation

(WMC-TV) - Possibly becoming part of Memphis has prompted some east Shelby County residents to once again consider forming their own city.

Two days after a Memphis City Council committee voted to annex thousands of homes in eastern Shelby County, Fisherville residents filed into their tiny civic center to sign a petition.

"This is a farm community out here," said one Fisherville resident.  "This is not a city community out here."

Many Fisherville residents want to revive a years-old effort to incorporate in order to avoid being part of Memphis.

"It's a great community and we feel we can do it," said Fisherville resident Revis Gobbell.  "We can keep it together."

This annexation argument started Monday when suburban legislators introduced two bills in Nashville aimed at keeping Memphis out of the area that generally lies east of Houston Levee Road to the Fayette County line, an area actually designated for possible annexation by the city back in 1998.

"Nothing like this ever occurred during my 14-year tenure in Nashville," said Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks.

Brooks served in the Tennessee House and believe current lawmakers are overstepping their boundaries.  Along with Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, he said he cannot help but think racism is an underlying issue.

"There are a lot of stereotypes out there," said Brooks.  "I think people need to get their facts straight, do some research, and not thrive on the hype."

Incorporation proponents said plenty of African-American families live among them, although they do not know exactly how many may have signed the petition.

While the incorporation process could reportedly take years, the annexation legislation in Nashville is on temporary hold.

The Memphis City Council will vote again to move ahead next Tuesday.

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