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Teen says transvestite tricked him into thinking he was a woman

(WMC-TV) - A rape suspect is accused of tricking a teenager into thinking he was a woman.

The transvestite suspect and his 14-year-old victim supposedly met in an online chat room.  The teenager still claimed he had no idea about the suspect's actual gender, even after they were intimate.

"Quite candidly, it could have been an episode of Jerry Springer," said Memphis defense attorney Leslie Ballin.

The case ended Friday with a 60-day sentence for 24-year-old transvestite Jeron Winston for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old boy.

"Depending on which side you believe, either they met in a chat room for men seeking men or met on a misplaced telephone call," said Ballin.

After their initial meeting online, or otherwise, the teen claimed he was fooled by Winston's feminine appearance during an intimate encounter into which he said he was tricked.

Ballin and others in the Division 10 criminal courtroom did not buy the story.

"His older stepbrother came to meet this person, and just like the Aerosmith song, it was, 'hey, dude looked like a lady,'" said Ballin.  "So, I think the young man may have been embarrassed."

Charges against Winston did not include deception.  Sex between he and the teen was consensual.  Therefore, Winston is allowed to serve his sentence for statutory rape on the weekends while maintaining a job and enrollment in college.

Ballin said Winston may have actually been tricked into thinking the 14-year-old was 19.  He has no prior record of sexually-related crimes.

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