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Mentor program at Bellevue provides guidance to young men

(WMC-TV) - The Young Warriors Program at Bellevue Baptist Church is giving guidance to young men who need male role models in their lives.

Every Wednesday, the young men get together with their adult mentors at Bellevue Baptist Church.

"It's fun," said program participant Andrew Hamilton.  "Instead of sitting at home being bored, we actually get out to meet people and learn stuff."

Participants learn how to get along with others, respect their mothers, and study the alphabet of growing into a man.

"C stands for courage, H stands for honor," said Hamilton.

The goal of the Young Warriors Program is male bonding for young men who do not always have a male figure in their lives.

"We don't try to preach to them, but we do try to teach them real life skills," said mentor Jeff McKinney.  "We show them how to shake a hand, how to look somebody in the eye and shake a hand."

Mentors bond with the young men through everything from athletic games to fishing retreats.  They also teach through Biblical principles.

Sandra Boyd said she has two sons who have been helped by the program.

"Of course, as a child of a single parent home, statistics say your child will most likely go to jail or be on drugs or not be in school, but I don't think that's true," said Boyd.  "I think with God and with prayer, God will send the right people across your path."

Jadrian Laabs joined the program when he was nine years old.

"I had learn a lot from it, like growing up without a father, said Laabs.  "It was just me and my mom, so I learned a lot of self disciplines in the class."

For mentors, the goal is to make these young men the best that they can be.  Parents said they are already seeing positive results in their sons.

"He was named hero of the week," said Boyd.  "He found $20 in a stairwell, turned it in immediately into the office, and he found out a young girl, a first grader at his school, had lost it in the stairwell."

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