Missing toddler found, but still worst day of mom's life

(WMC-TV) – Courtney Ridgeway still can't believe her two-year-old son Colby wandered off Tuesday afternoon. The little boy followed the family dog away from home and his mother said it was probably the worst day of her life.

"We searched everywhere - couldn't find him, finally we called the police, " she said.

Ridgeway and her brother were outside with Colby - she went inside to check on her baby, meanwhile her brother had stepped inside briefly.

When he came back outside, the toddler had vanished.

"I was afraid somebody had picked him up. He had fallen and gotten hurt - unconscious. I called his name out for hours and couldn't get an answer. It was scary," said Ridgeway.

The Action News 5 Chopper captured the massive search by law enforcement. Almost 100 volunteers combed the wooded area that surrounded the family's rural Mississippi home.

Two hours after Colby disappeared someone a mile away heard a dog barking - it was the family's American Pit Bull named Sugar. Investigators found the child was in a ditch, but he was safe.

"He smiled and said hey Momma," said Ridgeway.

"I told him I loved him and I never wanted him to scare me like that again."

Colby was taken to the hospital in Batesville as a precautionary measure - Ridgeway is appreciative to everyone who participated in the search to find Colby.

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