He trial puts the spotlight on Memphis

Written by: Anna Marie Hartman

By April of 2000 the name Elian Gonzales had become a household name. A Cuban refugee at the heart of a bitter custody battle. That may be why so many eyes are on a Memphis courtroom and the story of a five year old Chinese child. "I just don't understand why they're so stubborn want to keep this kid." Debra Pan writes for World Journal a newspaper printed in Mandarin. Pan has been following the trial and says the Chinese community is very interested in the outcome. And earlier this week, the story was featured in USA today. A writer for the New York Times spent some time in the courtroom this week and television networks have expressed interest. Debra Pan says, "Like the He family they don't understand English they don't understand law, in this country the foundation is really from the law." Pan doesn't think the He's are being discriminated against but she does feel that cultural differences may have hurt their efforts to get their child back. In China , there would be no question as to who would win the battle. Pan also says, "No matter the parents rich or poor they have a right to take care of their own kids." While the trial may be sparking interest from around the world; an American judge in an American court will make the final decision.