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Occupy Memphis evicts six members

(WMC-TV) - The Occupy Memphis organization kicked out some of its own members Tuesday.

Protesters have been at Civic Center Plaza in Downtown Memphis for months.  Demonstrators have been kicked out of public places in cities all across the country, but have been able to stay in Memphis.

Organizers said six members were kicked out after they were seen overindulging in alcohol, using drugs, and starting brawls within the group.

When the members in question attacked another protester's tent, the rest of the protesters said they had enough.

"We evicted them by moving over here, and they city commission came over to clean up the park over there and told them if they weren't part of occupy, they had to go," said protester Laurie James.

The group said the members kicked out were using Occupy Memphis as a cover for their own "nefarious deeds."

Occupy Memphis is now down to 14 protesters.  They said no matter how many of them there are, they are staying as long as they need to.

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