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Missing toddler back home after brief scare

(WMC-TV) – Wednesday, two-year-old Colby Ridgeway fed his dog Sugar just a day after he had his mother and Batesville, Mississippi on edge.

"It's the worst 24 hours I've ever been through," said his mother Courtney Ridgeway.

Family, authorities, volunteers, and even Chopper 5 scoured the wooded area looking for the toddler who had vanished from his front yard.

"It happened in the blink of an eye," said Courtney Ridgeway.

Courtney Ridgeway said she thinks Sugar took off after a deer and her son followed after while she stepped inside to get her other child.

When his grandfather Barry Ridgeway discovered the two-year-old was gone, he panicked.

"Looked around the yard and the barn and the out buildings, the vehicles, the house, everywhere," said Barry Ridgeway.

The little boy was found nearly a mile away a few hours later by Shelton Hawkins and his son, who were in on the search.

"We got a little closer, and that's when we heard the dog again," said Hawkins.  "That's when we heard the little boy crying."

"Sugar has been with him since he was born, so she's always there with him," said Courtney Ridgeway.

The dog's bark led Hawkins and his son to Colby Ridgeway.

"He was crying, and when we got to him, he told us he wanted to go to his pa paw," said Hawkins.

"When I heard he asked for me, yeah, it made me cry," said Barry Ridgeway.

Courtney Ridgeway said she cannot wait to thank Hawkins, who insisted he was just helping a family in need.

"I was proud to find him," said Hawkins.

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