Mother says logbook by foster mother surprised her

The mother of a 5-year-old Chinese girl in the middle of a custody battle testified Sunday she was surprised to learn the foster mother recorded two years of visits between the girl and her birth parents.

Qin Luo "Casey" He said she viewed Louise Baker's handwritten logbook as an indication Baker "had plotted to adopt my baby from the very start." Baker testified last week that she recorded visits in diary form and had no ulterior motive.

He's comments came during the seventh day of a bitter custody trial in Circuit Court.

He, who does not speak English, and her husband, Shaoqiang `'Jack" He, have battled four years for the return of their daughter, Anna Mae, from Jerry and Louise Baker of Cordova.

The Hes in 1999 voluntarily placed newborn Anna Mae with the Bakers, who were foster parents for a local adoption agency. The Hes, both from China, had legal and financial problems and no relatives or friends in this country to help them.

The Hes said they were told the agreement through Juvenile Court was temporary. But the Bakers in 2001 filed to adopt, citing lack of support and the Hes' failure to visit for four months.

The Hes claim the Bakers stole their daughter through deceit and the help of well-paid lawyers and the courts. Judge Robert Childers heard more than five hours of testimony Sunday.

The case is set to resume Monday.

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