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High tech tractor repair means Mid-South jobs

(WMC-TV) - Farming isn't what it used to be.

In fact, the industry has gotten so highly technical, farmers all across the Mid-South are looking for highly trained people to fix their farm equipment.

To many farmers, it's no longer as easy as the flip of a switch, and neither is working on high-dollar and high-tech farm equipment.

"I can't work on it, few people can unless they're trained to work on it," said farmer Tommy Dickerson.

That's why John Deere is committed to training future technicians to work on this high tech equipment.

The company not only wants to train workers but also help them find jobs all over the area.

"We're needing technicians today who can diagnose electrical problems with the latest state of the art technology. Before you could fix it with a wrench, now you have to fix it with a computer," adds Don Scribner with John Deere.

This past Friday, hundreds of prospective technicians gathered at Northwest Mississippi Community College to find out more.

Farmers like Tommy Dickerson are glad to see this many people interested in this kind of work.

He says without them, he couldn't operate his farm.

"You know, to me, they're not mechanics anymore, they're technicians. You don't have tractor drivers, you have tractor operators," says Dickerson.

"These technicians are the only ones standing between them and their technicians...being able to do what it is they're meant to do," adds Scribner.

Northwest is currently accepting applications for this very specialized tractor training.

The program itself is designed to get students in and out of classes in two years.

Once they graduate, they have an associates degree and are ready to find work at a local John Deere dealership.

"If computers are set right, it's gonna work right, you don't have that guesswork anymore," continues Dickerson.

And for farmers like Tommy Dickerson, good technicians are the key to successful farming.

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