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Annexation passes, unlikely to move forward

(WMC-TV) – The Memphis City Council plowed ahead with plans to annex the Gray's Creek community Tuesday, even after Tennessee lawmakers put the brakes on an effort to block the land grab.

The council passed the second reading and tabled the third and final reading indefinitely, but they can reopen the vote at any time.

Martha York, of Fisherville, wants to maintain her quiet, rural life.

"I have horses; I have manure," she said. "So I prefer to stay where I am."

York attended Tuesday's specially called Memphis City Council meeting to ask lawmakers not to annex her community.

"We can't continue to have a city versus suburbs civil war raging in the community because all we are doing is sending jobs elsewhere," said Councilman Shea Flinn.

"I think that we need to clearly signal we do not plan to annex anytime soon," said Councilman Kemp Conrad. "But I also think we need to preserve all of our options in dealing with our friends in Nashville."

Council members say they wouldn't be here if state lawmakers hadn't moved to block the annexation.

"We wouldn't want to expend the funds to bring them necessary services because we have needs inside the core city," said Flinn.

"We wouldn't even be here today wasting time," Conrad said.

They say none of the council members wanted to annex Gray's Creek at this time.

"I don't think any immediate annexation is going to happen," Conrad said.

"We're talking 10, maybe 15 years or more down the road to even begin to talk about it," Flinn said.

But they will protect Memphis' agreement and find a win-win.

"You had a longstanding agreement that lays out the rights of the city and you're not going to give up those rights abnormally - doesn't mean you're going to exercise them," Flinn said.

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