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Southaven chamber releases audit

  • SOUTHAVEN, MS (AP) - Newly released audit reports call into question large entertainment reimbursements the Southaven Chamber of Commerce paid Mayor Greg Davis without receipts or other documentation.

Gov. Haslam abandons Tenn. class size proposal

  • NASHVILLE, TN (AP) - Gov. Bill Haslam is abandoning his proposal to do away with average class size restrictions in Tennessee.

Sea lion attacks pop star Shakira

  • CAPE TOWN, South Africa (CNN) - Colombian pop star Shakira said her cell phone was the culprit in a sea lion attack in South Africa.

Parents on the hook for children's student loans

  • RIVERSIDE, CA (KNBC/NBC) - Parents who co-signed for their children's student loans may be finding themselves in financial hot water when that loan debt spins out of control.
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