Attorneys ask for mental evaluation for triple murder suspect

Sedrick Clayton, photo courtesy the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.
Sedrick Clayton, photo courtesy the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

(WMC-TV) - Attorneys for triple murder suspect Sedrick Clayton were back in court Wednesday, seeking a mental evaluation for their client.

Minutes into Clayton's hearing, his attorney asked the judge for a mental evaluation for his client.

"At this point, we enter an order for mental evaluation to have him evaluated for competency and other mental health issues," said appointed defense attorney Gerald Skahan.

The judge approved the request and reset the case to March 21.

Skahan said the mental evaluation will determine where they will go next with the case.

"They're pretty standard in a case such as this," he said.  "In most homicide cases, particularly a triple homicide, it's a pretty general course of action."

Clayton is charged with first degree murder following the January 19 shootings of his former girlfriend, PaShea Fisher, and her parents, Ricky and Tricia Fisher.

Investigators said the shooting happened during an argument.  Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty in the case.

The next major step for Clayton will be a preliminary hearing.  After that, he is expected to be indicted by a grand jury.

Skahan said he has not officially entered a plea for his client yet.

"A plea of not guilty is entered as a matter of course at the arraignment," said Skahan.  "We're a long way away from any type of disposition."

Defense attorneys said they have also not asked for any type of bail to be set as Clayton remains in jail.

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