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Group protests proposed Millington charter changes

(WMC-TV) - A small but spirited group of protesters turned out Friday to support a 19-year-old Millington who wants to run for office.

Current city leaders changed the rules after Frankie Dakin pulled a petition.

"I pulled my petition to run for alderman about a month ago," said Dakin.  "My goal is to just kind of add a new perspective."

Dakin's plan hit a temporary snag when the current administration proposed a completely new city charter that would have made 21 the minimum age to hold office.

While the requirement section was quickly removed, protesters said they remain concerned.

"When you rush something through, regardless of what it is, you're going to look at it later and say, oh well we should have or we could have, and we don't want that for our city," said Millington resident Margaret Black-Matila.

The city is moving ahead with a proposed charter change, including reducing the mayor's influence by creating a city manager form of government.

"We've decided it's time for us to take a step up," said Black-Matila.

Black-Matila said a charter change may indeed be necessary, though she hopes citizens have a say in the matter instead of being pushed through channels too quickly.

"We would like to have it put into writing and put on the August ballot for a referendum vote by the public," she said.

Dakin said he agrees.

"We believe we should have a more increased voice in what's going on," said Dakin.  "More than one meeting on a Monday afternoon."

There is a meeting at Millington City Hall on Monday to discuss proposed charter changes.  The group protesting Friday said they will be there.

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