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Updated translation of NIV Bible causes controversy

(WMC-TV) - Nashville-based LifeWay Christian Resources has a new, gender-inclusive Bible on shelves, but the new version is stirring complaints and calls from some Baptist preachers to take the book off store shelves.

Sunday School at Christian Unity Missionary Baptist Church in downtown Memphis is taught with the King James Version of the Bible, and pastor W. E. Edwards said he is determined things will stay that way.

"King James is the only Bible, you know," said Edwards.  "Only Bible I want to know."

In some other Baptist churches across the country, the New International Version of the Bible is being used, and that has some people upset.

Critics claim the translation, which was updated in 2011, is filled with errors, especially when it comes to language that has to do with gender.

"The problem is that they take some of the wording out to fit them," said Edwards.  "Not to fit them, per se, but to put it in their own words so you can understand it better."

Edwards said he is concerned that the New International Version could lead to a misunderstanding of what the original writers of the King James Version had intended.

"Talking about the NIV version is altogether different than the King James Version because they put it in their own words," said Edwards.  "We get ours from the inspired prophets that wrote this Bible, which is the King James Version, and it may be in some instances different wording, but it's not the same."

Edwards said there are plenty of Baptist churches around the country that agree with him.

"We want to continue reading the King James Version and not the NIV version," he said.

A spokesperson for LifeWay Christian Resources said the company does not believe that the 2011 New International Version rises to the level where it should be pulled from store shelves or censored.

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