Landlord, Mo' Money Taxes spar over eviction

(WMC-TV) - Thousands of private tax documents were found dumped behind a Mo' Money Taxes location Monday after the landlord's leasing office said the company was evicted for not paying their rent.

Palmer Brother's Incorporated was leasing the property to Mo' Money. The landlord's attorney Paul Billings said the lease was still in place and they had problems getting paid.

"We got a judgement with their attorney and then we worked out a deal to let them stay on the property as long as they made payments on the judgment and payments on ongoing rent. They made a couple payments but didn't make them all," he said.

This Mo'Money Taxes is located on Elvis Presley Blvd., and investigators are now looking into the discovery of thousands of documents thrown into three dumpsters behind the facility, some dating as far back as 2005.  

Many of the documents expose customers' personal information including addresses, drivers license numbers and social security numbers.

Markey Granberry with Mo' Money Taxes has a different story of what happened and why the documents were not shredded.

"Our lease was up on the operation so I assume the landlord went into the location and for whatever reason - he decided to throw the files in the dumpster, " said Granberry.

Paul Billings said it was not the landlord that threw out the documents.

"I'm sure the labor people we hired put it out to the extent that some of it was left behind. I can't tell you if Mo' Money hadn't thrown some of it into the dumpster beforehand," he said.

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