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Divorce papers shine light on Mo' Money owner's lavish life

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(WMC-TV) - Divorce documents for Mo' Money Taxes owner Markey Granberry point to lavish homes, cars, and a stash of money.

The walls appear to be crumbling around Granberry.  Mo' Money Taxes faces a federal investigation and customer complaints, and it all seemed to start with a divorce decree last September.

Granberry's wife, beauty salon owner Ellen Granberry, accused the tax preparation mogul of adultery, beating her eldest son, and strangling her.

Markey Granberry counter-sued that she was an unfit mother and asked the court to drug test her.

Since last September, the estranged couple have had a messy fight in court that revealed a luxurious lifestyle.

The divorce papers show Markey Granberry transferred $750,000 in cash out of the couple's joint banking account when she discovered a hidden cell phone with contact information for multiple lovers.

Now, Ellen Granberry wants the couple's huge Germantown house.  The mortgage on the $1.3 million home is $9,630.15.  She also wants the luxury cars bought while they were married, including a Lamborghini, a Lexus, a Bentley, a Mercedes and a BMW.

On the long list of expenses for which Ellen Granberry wants support, she included $800 a month for housekeeping and $200 a month for fish tank maintenance.

The divorce papers also showed Markey Granberry diversified with 11 businesses, including toy store consulting and 19 properties.

This all came before Congressman Steve Cohen called for a federal investigation of Mo' Money Taxes for failing to provide timely tax refunds.  Mo' Money Taxes has since been evicted from one location.

Customers were up in arms when their personal tax information turned up in dumpsters.

Markey Granberry has always maintained he is innocent.

"I haven't done anything or my company hasn't done anything," he said.

Action News 5 stopped by Mo' Money Taxes for comment Wednesday.  Markey Granberry was not there.

Ellen Granberry's attorney said the couple may be close to a settlement.  She is not interviewing at this time.

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