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Testimony in drug gang trial reveals world of treachery

(WMC-TV) - The seventh day of testimony in a federal drug trial revealed a world where no one could trust anyone else.

Former Germantown resident Demetrius Fields, a major drug trafficker in the Craig Petties drug organization, testified Wednesday about dealing as much as 500 kilos of cocaine.

Fields, who is testifying in the trial of Clinton and Martin Lewis, said the cousins helped carry out revenge killings ordered by Petties.  One involved a threat against Petties' mother and the theft of 200 kilos of cocaine with a street value of $4 million.

Fields described the kidnapping and killing of a man in the organization they believed knew who stole the cocaine.

Fields also told jurors about being the getaway driver in one murder.  He said he dropped off Clarence "Killer" Broady.  He then drove to a park and fell asleep while the murder was taking place.

Defense attorneys are hammering away the fact that many of the government's witnesses have made deals.  Fields had several counts involving murder dismissed and made a deal to get no more than 20 years for his testimony.  Defense attorneys are trying to make the point that the government witnesses have a reason to lie.

Fields also testified about Petties, who was hiding in Mexico and sending FBI uniforms to the drug organization's members in Memphis.  He said the reason was if they needed to kidnap anyone, they would look official.

Prosecutors have called about 20 witnesses so far.  They said they are just halfway through their witness list.

There is no word on whether or not Petties will testify.

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