Southaven Mayor Greg Davis tops list of highest paid in MS

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is at the top of a list of Mississippi's highest paid mayors.

Davis reportedly makes more than the governor of Mississippi.

Davis is the focus of a criminal probe after spending $170,000 in taxpayer money.  Many constituents said they have changed their mind about the mayor.

"It surprises me about the incident, and that he's still in office," said Southaven resident Brad Jarrett.

"The way he's acting, I don't agree with what he makes," said Southaven resident Eric Keen.

Davis makes a reported $145,000 a year, in addition to two stipends currently under review.  His salary is well above those of mayors in Mississippi's larger cities.

According to a 180-page survey compiled by the John Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State, the mayor of Biloxi makes around $115,00 a year.  Hattiesburg's mayor makes just under $82,000 a year.

Even the mayor of Jackson makes less than Davis at $120,000.

"I think a couple of things need to be brought forward," said Southaven Alderman Randy Huling.

Huling defended Davis' salary during a meeting this week, citing the amount paid per taxpayer.

"If you look at surrounding cities, just local here, then our per individual is not out of line by any stretch of the imagination," said Huling.

The closest salary to Davis in North Mississippi may be that of Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard, who makes $102,000.

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