MCS Dep. Superintendent suspended for inappropriate comments

(WMC-TV) - Memphis City Schools Deputy Superintendent Irving Hamer has been placed on administrative leave for making inappropriate comments to a female employee.

Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash sent an e-mail to school board members and others Thursday explaining the decision to suspend his second in command.

According to the Commercial Appeal, Hamer made a comment about an administrative secretary's breasts in front of a large group of co-workers during a gathering at which alcohol was served.

This is not the first time his behavior has come into question.

Cash is not required to advise the board of administrative decisions, but said in his e-mail that he thought it was important given Hamer's position.

Cash wrote in his e-mail, "Although the misconduct occurred outside the work place, such conduct nevertheless is unacceptable. Upon advise of General Counsel, we have referred the complaint to outside counsel for investigation."

An Action News 5 special investigation in 2010 uncovered a security guard transporting Hamer to and from work every day.

Hamer has been criticized for his demeanor in the past. Last year, school principals complained that Hamer was bullying them through demeaning language and threats.

Hamer later apologized for his behavior in a letter while reminding principals that he works "at the pleasure of Superintendent Cash."

Cash hired outside attorneys to investigate while Hamer remains on paid leave.

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