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Long lines for customers at new drivers license center

(WMC-TV) - Customers waiting at the new drivers license reinstatement center inside Hickory Hill Mall have been forced to wait for hours.

"It's hard on me to stand here all day just to get in there to take care of this," said Michael Prince.  "There has to be an easier process."

Since opening Tuesday, the center's owner and nearby businesses said there has been chaos.

Customers said the wait has been so long, some of them had to order lunch while waiting.

"The first day, I think the police had to come out, and I believe a highway patrol officer had to come out as well, so there was a lot of cursing and commotion in front of my business," said the owner of 1 N A Million Hair Salon.

The center closes each evening at 5:00, but customers said the lines are cut off some days as early as noon.

"It's a shame that a state agency that is taxpayer funded has such little regard for those same taxpayers," said Stanley Wilson.

Directory of Driver Services Michael Hogan said they are working on improvements.

"Our overall plan is too look at appointments for all services," said Hogan.

Because people generally have the resources to pay their fees during tax season, Hogan said they see a spike in reinstatement.  He said the process is still lengthy.

"Their problem with the reinstatement is that it's a two step process, which makes it a little more time consuming," said Hogan.  "Because not only are you reinstating, but you're reissuing the license."

Hogan said some transactions can take up to three hours per person.  They asked that customers be patient and allow them to improve the process.

"We anticipate that this will clear itself up within the next couple of days," said Hogan.

Hogan said they are working on new legislation to help alleviate the paperwork process for reinstatements.  He also said some people are eligible to reinstate online.

To check your reinstatement status, click here.

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