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$58,000 in computers stolen from schools

(WMC-TV) – Four break-ins have been reported at Memphis City Schools in just the last seven days and all of them involved expensive computer equipment. The string of costly break-ins started with Hamilton High School.

"Police need to patrol the school areas more often than they do," said Sherwin McDonald-, who lives near Hamilton.

Police said suspects broke into Hamilton by forcing open a door connected to the main building last week.

Three Apple iMac laptop computers worth $2,200 were taken.

Deontay Rogers, 21, and at least three students were arrested.

Since then, $1,040 in computer equipment was taken from Cherokee Elementary on February 20, and $200 worth from Scenic Hills Elementary on February 23.

But the most costly break in came at Chimney Rock Elementary on February 25.

Police said more than $58,000 in equipment was stolen.

"It's pretty sad," said school board member Tomeka Hart. "It's clear who inhabits the school, right? It's clear who the school is to benefit. It's the children."

Making matters worse, the expensive resources were stolen during a time of tight budgets.

"When you take something from a school, be it a computer or whatever - whatever resource you take you are really hurting children and that's not helpful to our community," said Hart.

Hart is begging for decency and asking those who are looking for fast cash to remember who they are stealing from.

"There is a code of honor sometimes with people who do wrong and so our children are our precious asset," she said. "And we are trying our best to provide for them and it really sets us back and hurt us when people break in and take things from our schools."

While those people thought to be involved in the break in at Hamilton High have been arrested, no arrests have been made in the other three school break-ins.

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