Cordova residents unite against car break-ins

People in one Cordova neighborhood say they're seeing a pattern of petty theft.

A rash of Cordova car break-ins led to this kitchen gathering: "It adds up and it's frustrating and that's why we're going to do something about it," said Sanga Point Resident Michael Ferris.

They're organizing Neighborhood Watch now in Sanga Point, complete with crime prevention tips from deputies.

"We've got one man who had a $2,000 digital projector and a $1,000 digital camera left in his backseat. That's almost raising a flag saying come break in my car," said Ferris.

The Sheriff himself once owned a home two blocks away. Mark Luttrell says he'd show up anywhere in Shelby County to help encourage neighborhood watch .

"The reality of it is crime is just moving across our county. What we're attempting to do in the Sheriff's office is get with neighborhoods and collaboratively discuss and address the problems unique to their neighborhood," said Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell.

What looks like a crime wave to these Cordova people might seem like a ripple elsewhere. But these folks are concerned about the 48 car break-ins this year alone in the 5 mile radius of this neighborhood.

"We live in a great neighborhood. We live in a great part of town. I don't know if it's people from the neighborhood or outside. I suspect it's inside the neighborhood and it's petty thievery, petty crimes, things that some people may accept but it's not acceptable.

There's not been anybody harmed," Ferris said. If you'd like to set up a neighborhood watch in Shelby County, call the sheriff's crime prevention office at 867-1401.

Inside Memphis, call your local police precinct, or click here to log onto the Memphis Police website to learn more.