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Neighbors hope underage lingerie party closes down club

(WMC-TV) An old, disabled thrift shop near Winchester and Mendenhall is long closed but the building still draws a crowd.

Upcoming events were postponed following a weekend sweep by Memphis police during a so-called "lingerie party."

One Memphis neighborhood is happy police raided this "party" and hope the controversial party space remains closed.

"I am more than glad the police are here," said Diena Diallo, a nearby hair shop owner.

"It's none of my business, but having that is not good for the community - that's not good for nobody."

Among the 16 people arrested at the "lingerie party" was building owner Charles Smith  - a registered sex offender who told police he brought three underage girls with him.

He appeared in court with attorney Leslie Ballin.

"We maintain that the facts of this case will not approve Mr. Smith guilty of any offense," he said.

Police say the youngest person at the party was just 11-years-old and that officers observed several minors having sex.

Drugs and alcohol were also present.

In addition to this, there were signs warning no guns were allowed; at least three men worked security the night of the party, and they were charged with not being properly registered.

Police say party promoter Reggie Adams, also known as "Armani," was arrested for having a pair of brass knuckles and for operating a club without a permit.

"I'm so glad all this is gone - been a lot of trouble since it opened - a lot of shooting," said a
nearby business owner who did not want to be identified.

But he is among those who hope the raid means this controversial club space remains closed.

"I hope it's gone, hope it's through, hope it's done," he said.

The six juveniles picked up at the party were charged with disorderly conduct - most, if not all, of the 16 people arrested have since bonded out of jail.

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