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Huge gang fight leads to renewed police commitment

(WMC-TV) - Residents in Ripley, TN, say they're fed up with crime and gang activity near their homes.

There's a renewed commitment there from police to run these small town gangs out of town.

Some residents in the Gay Street community in Ripley say they're thinking about moving after last Thursday's gang land style fight.

"Something's gotta be done now, or a lot of people gonna get killed," says Deborah Alexander.

Action News Five cameras captured dramatic footage of SWAT team members and other law enforcement officers invading the neighborhood just east of Ripley.

Police say around 300 people were in the area when the fights broke out.

Four were arrested.

"What concerned us particularly was there was a number of children in the area at that late hour of night, out there being endangered in almost a riot situation," says District Attorney Mike Dunavant.

"My grand kids can't come visit me anymore down this way...summertime's coming, that's when the fights will really start," Alexander continues.

In a meeting Tuesday with Ripley's police chief, mayor, and the Lauderdale County sheriff, District Attorney Mike Dunavant addressed the problem.

He promised to try his best to stop something like this from happening again.

Police say they plan to increase patrols and promise to better investigate every crime in this small community.

"I think we're hearing more and more that people here in Ripley and Lauderdale County don't feel safe, and that's disappointing," Dunavant continues.

Police say they're working hard to restore residents' faith in law enforcement.

Some residents along Gay Street say they're not giving them a second chance.

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