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Southaven resident organizing gas price protest

(WMC-TV) - A Southaven resident outraged over the high price of gas is calling for a boycott at the pump.

"These prices are ridiculous," said Don Daniels.  "Our government is out of control."

Daniels, who owns a t-shirt shop on Stateline Road, has come up with an idea he thinks will solve the problem.  He has posted signs in his window asking everybody to stay home on March 15 and 16 and not buy any gas.

"I cannot afford to run my business, cannot afford to deliver t-shirts," said Daniels.  "I cannot afford to go out and do estimates.  I cannot afford to pay $5 gas."

Daniels said he plans to stand out at busy intersections in the area every Tuesday and Friday until March 15 to get the word out.

"If a person stays home the days he's supposed to receive his paycheck, that would tell a big story to our representatives in Washington," he said.

Others are hoping Daniels' idea will work.

"I cannot afford to stay home, but I'm going to try to figure out a way that I can stay home one day a week to cut down on expenses," said Bob Metcalf.

Daniels said he has seen a lot of support for this gas protest.

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