Delta ends regular non-stop flights from Memphis to Amsterdam

(WMC-TV) - Nearly 17 years after a maiden voyage from Memphis, Delta Airlines announced Wednesday it would end regular non-stop service to Amsterdam.

Convention and Visitors Bureau president Kevin Kane was on the inaugural 1995 flight from Memphis to Amsterdam initially launched by Northwest Airlines and KLM.

"Well, we're obviously disappointed," said Kane.

The flight was filled with some familiar faces, including Action News 5's Janice Broach.

Delta announced Wednesday the service would be operated on a seasonal summer basis only, eliminating the airport's only non-stop service to Europe.

"It was a big deal," said Kane.  "It is a big deal, and we're very disappointed they made this decision."

Kane said he is not surprised, citing the same reasons Delta did in an e-mail, including, "the overall decrease in trans-Atlantic capacity in response to the significant increase in jet fuel prices."

Trans-Atlantic routes from New York, Atlanta, and Miami were recently suspended as well.

"I know ever since Northwest was merged into Delta it has been a problem," said frequent flyer Cheryl MacArtney of Orlando.

Kane said he does not believe the change will significantly impact tourism, since most international visitors to Memphis come through other cities anyway.

The lack of a non-stop trans-Atlantic flight could be a concern for corporate travelers.

Currently, Cancun, Mexico and Toronto, Canada are the only other non-stop international flights from Memphis.

Delta also said Wednesday it will restore non-stop service to San Francisco for the summer.

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