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Derailment wrecks East Memphis roads

(WMC-TV) - For many drivers like Joe Jefferson, railroad crossings along Poplar Avenue in East Memphis are still causing headaches.

"It just shakes the heck out of the car when you go over them."

Norfolk Southern has spent weeks making repairs after a train derailment mangled signs, scattered debris, and severely damaged the tracks.

While a spokesperson says repairs are complete - officials are still investigating to find out what caused the accident.

Tuesday, the intersection of Southern Avenue and Patterson was closed and traffic was re-routed so routine maintenance could be done on the rails.  

Crews told us they had to replace cross ties under the tracks, and that the work is not associated with the derailment.

However, down the street at Poplar and Mendenhall some drivers are still not taking any chances.  

Many of them are afraid they'll damage their cars going over the tracks.

"The tracks are sticking up higher than the asphalt and you have a very rough ride over the tracks," said Jefferson.

A situation that left drivers like Jefferson wondering when there will be some relief as they continue to pay the price with traffic delays and rugged crossings.

"If that's the finished job, they need to come back and do it a little better because it's no where close to being as smooth as it was before the train derailment."

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