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Ole Miss students say they were hit by shuttle bus

(WMC-TV) - A North Mississippi student is in the hospital after witnesses say she was run over by the Hotty Toddy shuttle bus.

The Ole Miss student had to be taken from a parking lot to the hospital after she was somehow run over by a bus that was taking people to a fraternity party.

However, how it happened is still unclear.

When the bus doors opened to take the party goers to Sigma Chi's off campus party, the Hotty Toddy Taxi owner says hundreds of people rushed the bus and they all wanted on.

"He had to literally push people out of the windows," said the company's owner Louis Brummett. "They were climbing through the emergency exits on the front and side of the bus. One student even tried to come through driver's window."

In the chaos, three people were injured. They told police they were either run over by the bus or trampled by the crowd.

One girl's injury was so sever that she required surgery.

The owners of the taxi feel say they feel terrible for the victims, but aren't convinced anyone was actually run over by the bus considering its size.

It's an old school bus.

"if a 26,000 pound bus that is loaded with people falls on you it's not just going to break anything," Holden said. "It's going to crush you."

Despite the experience, Hotty Toddy Taxi will continue working fraternity parties. It's owner says it's all part of operating in a college town.

"This is a college town," he said. "So our main goal is to keep them safe. They are going to party going to drink."

The taxi company was cited for not having a permit on the bus.

However, the company maintains it did not need a permit, so that issue is heading to court.

Hotty Toddy Taxi was not charged in Saturdays incident

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