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Project Green Fork Restaurant of the Month: Fratelli's Garden Cafe

(WMC TV) - PROJECT GREEN FORK RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH:  Fratelli's Garden Cafe, Memphis Botanic Garden, 750 Cherry Rd., Memphis, 901-766-9900,

Slow customer traffic convinced Sabine Bachmann to move Fratelli's from Downtown to the Memphis Botanic Garden in 2004.

The move was the best thing that ever happened to Bachmann, Fratelli's, the garden -- and us.

"It's a lovely environment," said Bachmann, "and they have been very, very supportive. Very helpful, and we've been very happy here."

Happy is a Fratelli's Super Mario panini with avocado soup, soaking in the colors of the garden from the cafe's patio.

"It's a lovely day and a lovely place," said Paula Wellington of Germantown, TN. "Does it get any better than this?"

Actually, it does.

Not only does Fratelli's serve soups, salads and focaccias unlike anybody else, it turns all of its recyclable food waste into the garden.

"What we use, the garden uses, and they make soil out of it," Bachmann said.

The soil nourishes the facility's own vegetable, herb and flower gardens.

"It's a great environment-inducing (partnership)," said Bachmann. "Food, fresh herbs -- it all goes together."

"But the food has always been the primary thing," said Josie Helming, a regular who confessed her home oven is hopelessly neglected by her 3-times-a-week jaunts to Fratelli's, "and the way in which they've been able to keep and sustain (the ingredient-driven menu)."

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Super Mario Panini (ham, salami, marinated mushrooms, tomato, Swiss cheese w/pesto mayonnaise) w/Avocado Soup; Pork Tenderloin Salad w/Oranges, Avocados, Spinach, Red Peppers; Homemade Carrot Cake; Fratelli's Tea (blend of raspberry and peach)


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