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Shooting victims found unresponsive in MED parking lot

(WMC-TV) - Two shooting victims were found unresponsive in the parking lot of the MED after a shooting at the Ridgecrest Apartments in Frayser Wednesday.

The two shooting victims were still being treated at the MED late Wednesday night.  They were described as being in critical condition.

A third victim who was stabbed was being treated at a different hospital.

"There are more kids over here than grown folks," said witness Marvin Crout.

Crime scene investigators taped off the scene where two men were shot and a third was stabbed.

The two seriously injured shooting victims were driven to the MED.  The stabbing victim was taken to another hospital.

Back at the initial crime scene, crowds gathered to watch the police piece together the attacks.

"It's crazy, stupid, ignorant," said Crout.  "People need to grow up."

One witness, who asked to remain anonymous, lived in the area years ago but left because of violent crime.  Wednesday, he was visiting friends and found himself in an apartment right in the middle of the fight.

"One of them starting hollering, 'he shot me, he shot me,' and it was four dudes who jumped on the one dude, and they beat him up and stabbed him," said the witness.

Two people were taken from the scene in the back of police cruisers.  Their role in the crimes is not known at this time.

Residents said part of the problem is that people can come and go from the complex freely and some are coming in and starting trouble.

A person who works security at the complex said new gates are being installed to prevent so many people from visiting.

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