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FedEx opposes proposed guns in parking lots bill

(WMC-TV) - A bill before the Tennessee Legislature would allow employees or customers of a business to keep a firearm in their vehicle if they have a permit.

There are some big names opposed to the bill, like FedEx.

"Yeah, I think it's a horrible idea," said Shelley Brown, who opposes the bill.  "I just think it's far too dangerous.  Somebody could break into the car and steal the gun, with all the workplace violence issues."

The so-called guns in parking lots bill has drawn criticism from across the state.

"People do get emotional in the workplace and there are fights, unfortunately, and things get out of hand," said Bill Ozier with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  "The most they can do is pull out a pocket knife or pick up a piece of wood and whack somebody.  That's not the same as going out to their car and getting your gun and spraying bullets."

FedEx is opposed to the bill and said in a statement, "FedEx is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for all employees and has a long standing policy of prohibiting weapons of any kind on company."

The statement continued, "FedEx opposes this legislation.  We believe that a property owner's right to provide a safe work environment trumps an individual's right to possess a firearm on the owner's property."

"You just don't know the type of people who have these types of guns," said Allison Weaver, who is opposed to the bill.

The senate committee did not make a decision on the proposed bill.  Lawmakers will discuss it again next week.

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