One Memphis parent takes her mission to the airwaves

Written by: Donna Davis

"Welcome back to Parent Talk on 88.5; the voice of MCS. I'm your host Beverly Owens." Every Tuesday morning, Beverly Owens talks to parents about the issues facing them and their children in Memphis City Schools. "We are talking this morning about the serious affect of attendance and truancy and our role as parents. Our responsibility as parents to make sure that this is just not continuing to happen." The purpose of her radio talk show is to get parents more involved in the school system by arming them with information. "I believe empowering parents is key because involvement is key." Parent Talk was created for parents, by parents; and is about parents. It's produced and directed by high school students taking their first radio production class. Co-Producer of Parent Talk Kristi Fondren says, "We were like, are you talking to the right class, because we're a first year class. This is the first time we've been here. Don't you mean the pre-production class, the next class? He was like no. You're going to be producing it. " Besides giving students hands on instruction in radio production; the show schools parents on what is really happening in the classroom. "As a parent, this is information I would want to know. Raising children, these are questions I would want to ask. I invite parents to let me know what you want to know. What questions do you have?" Then listen to the answers live on air."Research shows that most truants are delinquents, but they are truants first." However, Beverly says Parent Talk is more than just a source of information. It's the key to improving education. "The whole point though is for parents to be involved, get renewed again, and realize we have to also take responsibility and ownership of the school system." The first step is listening to Parent Talk.