Murdered officer's family wants justice

(WMC-TV) – Family members of the victims of the group dubbed "The Killing Crew" begged for justice in court Monday.

All four suspects were scheduled to appear in court for a report date, but as it turned out, only their attorneys met with the judge.

The case was reset to March 21.

"I want to see justice done," said Mamie Richmond, whose cousin, former police officer Charles Jones, was allegedly killed by the group.

"I just know he was shot and he was burned. His body was taken to Jackson from what the media said."

According to the affidavit of complaint, Jones was lured to a location by Ashley Carver with the promise of sex.

Investigators claim that when Jones arrived he was killed and his body later set on fire.

"I think it's awful and I'm hurt that they did him like they did," Richmond said. "I think that they should be punished thoroughly to no end. I think that they should get life."

"The Killing Crew" is accused of killing four people over a two month period.

Public defender Gerald Skahan is representing Michael Dean.

Dean and his brother, Demetrious Santaigo, were busted at a traffic stop while driving the murdered former police officer's car.

Louis Gibson has also been arrested in connection with the crimes.

"We will come back on March 21. Hopefully the mental evaluations will be back," Skahan said. "We will evaluate those. We will talk with the state and see what our next step is, which will probably be set the matter for a preliminary hearing."

Investigators say robbery appears to have been a motive in the murders.

Jones relatives say if the suspects are found guilty they should get the worst punishment possible.

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