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Henning mayor, former mayor at odds over building's name

(WMC-TV) - Residents in Henning say they're proud of their clean water.

But Henning's former mayor was less than proud when she noticed her name was taken off the town's water treatment plant.

"This is history. He should have never touched that, and I'm very upset with him," said former mayor Mary Ann Jarrett.

Jarrett is upset with current mayor Michael Bursey.

She says Bursey took it upon himself to remove her name from a city building she helped build.

"If anyone else had defaced the building, they would be charged with vandalism or defacing a building, so why shouldn't the mayor? I want my name back up there," she said.

Neighbors who live next door to the plant say they saw a city employee remove Mary Ann Jarrett's name last week.

Some of them couldn't believe what they saw.

"Just heard some chiseling, they're always doing something in Henning so I thought they were getting ready to re-do the building or something," adds neighbor Sonya Porter.

Mary Ann Jarrett says she's been told by friends in Henning that the current mayor took her name off the building because it looked like she was still the mayor.

Mayor Bursey tells Action News Five he didn't want to confuse visitors to the town.

Bursey told Action News Five he'd be willing to put up former mayor Jarrett's name back up on the building if the city would agree to also change her title on the building from present mayor to former mayor.

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