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Defense continues after judge denies mistrial

Clinton Lewis, left, and Martin Lewis, photo courtesy Shelby County Sheriff's Office. Clinton Lewis, left, and Martin Lewis, photo courtesy Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

(WMC-TV) – The trial of two cousins accused of being contract killers for a major drug ring was back in session Wednesday after a federal judge denied a motion for a mistrial.

The Lewis cousins are on trial together. Clinton's defense has rested while Martin's defense is winding down, but this case is far from over.

Tuesday afternoon defense attorneys were hopeful.

"We only know what is the right decision and I expect Judge Mays to make that decision," defense attorney Marty McAfee, said yesterday.

But, the judge denied defense attorneys' motion for a mistrial.

So, Clinton Lewis' defense attorneys called two witnesses Wednesday, including a man who claimed to have received the murder weapon from a man named Marcus Brandon and not from Clinton Lewis.

Martin Lewis' defense attorneys called a series of witnesses, including another member of Craig Petties' drug organization.

That witness claimed to have seen Clinton Lewis, Brandon and a third man abduct Marcus Turner shortly before he turned up dead.

While the jury heard some testimony, most of the day elapsed with all six attorneys privately arguing in front of the judge at the side bar.

Clinton Lewis' defense rested after lunch while Martin Lewis' defense continued well into the afternoon.

Both men are accused of being hit men for Craig Petties and have been on trial for six weeks.

However, defense attorneys say, despite the trial's length, they're not ready to quit.

"If it takes this to get justice, we're prepared to stay six more weeks," said defense attorney Howard Manis.

The trial will most certainly extend into a seventh week.

There is no court tomorrow or Friday, but closing arguments may begin on Tuesday.

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