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Wife of accused North Mississippi bigamist shares her story

(WMC-TV) - The wife of an accused North Mississippi bigamist said Wednesday that her trust has been broken.

"I loved him, I trusted him," said Lori Durham.  "Now I'm finding out this was a lie, this was a lie, this was a lie."

Lori Durham said the biggest lie is that David Mark Durham told her he was divorced when he was not.

"We actually went to church together as teenagers," said Lori Durham.

Lori Durham said she and David Mark Durham reconnected on Facebook 30 years later and were married last year.  It lasted five months.

She said she found out the hard way that her husband was married.

"When he got arrested here in November for bigamy," said Lori Durham.

David Mark Durham told Lori Durham he thought he was divorced from Diane Durham, now Diane McDonald.  She believed him and bailed him out of jail.

Lori Durham started getting suspicious when he could not produce divorce papers.  McDonald said she wanted a divorce from a man she said drained her bank accounts, so she went to the Lafayette County courthouse, found the marriage license for David Mark and Lori Durham, and filed charges for bigamy.

"He drained me financially," said Lori Durham.  "I cashed out my 401K for him.  My mortgage was near foreclosure."

Lori Durham said she was hospitalized due to the stress.  She is an RN and said she sometimes considers herself savvy.

"I don't consider myself a gullible person," she said.  "He just weaved his way into my life so cunningly and quickly, and I married him."

Lori Durham said she wants her husband to spend time behind bars.

David Mark Durham said he did not want to be interviewed on camera.  He said he thought he was divorced.  His wives said he has been married several times.

David Mark Durham is scheduled to appear in court next month in Oxford.

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