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Memphis couple accused of trying to sneak phones into prison

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis couple was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak drugs, tobacco, and dozens of cell phones into jail.

A care package full of cell phones, codeine, and tobacco made its way from Memphis through the post office to the Hardeman County Correctional Facility in Whiteville, Tennessee.

"We did receive information that the items were attempted to be mailed into the prison and they were intercepted when the mail landed at the Sally Port there at the prison," said Dorinda Carter.

When the package was opened, officials found the drugs and tobacco, along with 50 cell phones that officials believe were going to be distributed to some of the nearly 2,000 inmates in the prison.

Arrested for this illegal shipment were 31-year-old Deon Boykins and 32-year-old Arkeba Sibley of Memphis.  They are both charged with one count of introduction of drugs and one count of possession with intent to deliver.  They are also charged with 50 counts of introduction of cell phones into a penal facility.

Carter said 50 cell phones in the hands of inmates could create major problems.

"Inmates in possession of the cell phones have tried to continue their crimes from the inside, where escapes have been formulated through the use of cell phones and gang activity has continued with inmates having cell phones," said Carter.

At this time, the department of corrections is not saying why they believe the pair was trying to get the phones into prison or what relationship the accused have with them.

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