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Neighbors say teen died after unsupervised party

(WMC-TV) - Neighbors said a teen died after attending an unsupervised house party in Rossville, Tennessee this weekend.

Rick Ransom said what happened at his next door neighbor's home came as no surprise to him.

"We heard some loud screams and yells," said Ransom.

Ransom said the home in the 100 block of Cotton Gin Road in Rossville is where a teen died after an unsupervised party.  He claimed the parents who own the house were out of town and there was a wild party.

Ransom said he saw a body carried out Saturday.

"It was upsetting," he said.  "Obviously the parents had driven up and the mother was beside herself.  She obviously was overcome with grief and it was very tragic."

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department confirmed Sunday that investigators at the Rossville Police Department are working a death case, but they do not know the circumstances surrounding the incident or what may have caused the person to die.

Action News 5 went by the home for comment Sunday, but no one answered.

Ransom said the house has been a problem, with wild parties happening in the past.

"It seems pretty indicative, when the parents leave, there's people that arrive and spend the night all night long and there's noises and things like that," said Ransom.  "It's happened more than once."

Neighbor Glen Smith said he is still in shock.

"Sometimes kids do stupid things not thinking what the outcome is going to be," said Smith.  "And after the fact, I know in this case they would've wished it hadn't happened."

Investigators have not released the name or age of the person who died.  Rossville police said they expect more information on this death investigation to be released Monday.

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