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CrazyBracket Stunning performance based on uniform color, mascot strength

Sweet 16

(RNN) - Using a braketology prediction system based on uniform color, relative mascot strength and choices born of whimsy, I have correctly chosen 12 of the Sweet 16 as we move into the second phase of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Blue-clad Kentucky and North Carolina have done their part -- I have them picked to make it all the way to the championship game. Cincinnati, which won my approval by hiring my old friend Doug Mosley as their associate athletics director, have advanced past Texas and Florida State to a reckoning with Ohio State.

Sorry, Doug. Thanks for all the barbecue you bought me, but I kinda like those Buckeyes in the next round.

Duke nuked a good portion of my bracket, although they may be happy later when they don't have to play Kentucky, which is a certainty to knock of Indiana because Indiana wears red.

Michigan State, the last national champion not to wear blue (I think), has advanced to a showdown with Louisville. I picked Marquette to make it this far because I like the letter Q, which appears prominently in their school name.

If I liked the letter X, I would have picked Xavier and had even one more team right.

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