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Police investigating officer's inappropriate radio transmission

Dion Anthony, photo courtesy Memphis Police Department. Dion Anthony, photo courtesy Memphis Police Department.

(WMC-TV) - A transmission over a Memphis police officer's radio is now under investigation - some police say dozens of officers may have heard an inappropriate use of the department's time.

Memphis Police Department Sergeant Karen Rudolph said there is a radio broadcast that captured the on-duty cop, Dion Anthony, allegedly engaging in inappropriate behavior in his squad car.

"He has not been charged with anything. Our investigative bureau is looking into allegations,"
said Rudolph.

Officer Dion Anthony has been relieved of duty in the meantime.

"There is a recording.  All of our communications are recorded, so anything that goes over our frequency would have been recorded," she said.

The recording is now part of an ongoing investigation by the police department.

Sergeant Rudolph says every Memphis Police Officer is given two modes of radio communication: a shoulder microphone that stays with them and a console mic that stays in their squad car.

"We do ask all officers to be professional with dispatchers, their supervisors, and fellow officers," she said.

Anthony joined the force back in July 2007. He works the 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift out of the Mount Moriah precinct.

Sergeant Rudolph says the inappropriate communications were on an open channel that could be heard by at least 30 other officers working that precinct, or by anybody with a police scanner.

"They have not had a hearing for the young man yet. I have not heard the tape. We're going to reserve accusing him until he's found guilty of anything," said President of the Memphis Police Association Michael Williams.

The name of the woman the officer was involved with during the incident is unknown at this time.

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