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Southaven Board of Aldermen met behind closed doors

(WMC-TV) - Southaven aldermen spent hours behind closed doors Tuesday night for what is believed to be a meeting on Southaven Mayor Greg Davis' spending.

The Southaven Board of Aldermen met in private after Tuesday's board meeting.

"In executive session, we discussed possible litigation," said Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale.  "That's really all I can say on that."

The group also talked about more city credit card receipts and plans to put together a report for the state auditor.

"The only thing we got was a letter from the state auditor asking for a little more information and details about the credit card receipts," said Hale.  "They're following up on a few more of the charges just to get a little more clarification."

It is something the state wanted the board to do weeks ago, but not every alderman participated.

Initially, the auditor's office asked all seven Southaven aldermen to go over the receipts, but only three turned in a review.

"Only three of the packets were actually picked up," said Hale.  "Several of the alderman had their packets ready as well, but those are really a moot point at the moment because now they've asked for a consensus from the board as a whole."

Instead of seven individual reports, they will not release a group one.

"We'll submit our final response to the auditor and see what they want to do," said Hale.

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