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Investigators find counterfeit money on Ole Miss campus

(WMC-TV) - Ole Miss police are trying to figure out how counterfeit money made its way on campus Tuesday afternoon.

Hundreds of Ole Miss students buy lunch at the student union every day. They pay with credit cards, student ID's and cash, but it's rare that the money is fake.

"The worker at the student union, she marked the bill and she noticed something was wrong with it," said Ole Miss Police investigator Jeremy Cook.

Cook said the cashier went to get her manager, and when she came back, the man was gone.

"With these bills you can feel them and the feel doesn't feel like a regular $20," Cook said.

Later Tuesday afternoon at the union, police found another fake bill, but the buyer stuck around to talk.

He told police he got the money from an unknown man that showed up to a party and asked to buy 3 polo shirts for $100.

"The guy gave him a $100…in twenties and gave him change for his $100 bill, so he ended up with ten $20 bills that were like this, fake," Cook said.

Cook said the man spent the other bills in other areas across the state, but not near Oxford.

I got a good look at the counterfeit money and compared it to a real $20 bill.

The markings weren't as clear, the edges were awkwardly cut, and the serial numbers were identical. Students couldn't believe it when I told them.

"I just think it's hard to imagine a school like this people would be making counterfeit bills and they would be coming through a school like this," said Alex Meyer.

Police will hand the funny money over to the secret service. Authorities said they would not pursue charges against the man they talked to because they doubt he knew the money was fake.

Ole Miss Police told Action News 5 that they checked with Lafayette County Sheriff's Department and Oxford Police and so far only know of these two cases in the area.

If you know anything that can help police, you're asked to call the department at 662-915-7234.

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