Man arrested after cocaine-filled tire found in car

(WMC-TV) - A Milwaukee man was arrested in Marion, Arkansas after a large amount of cocaine was found inside an old spare tire in his new car.

K-9 officer Zorro and his handler Brannon Hinkle proudly displayed the massive amount of cocaine and the spare tire in which it was found.

"Ten kilos of cocaine were found inside the tire," said Narcotics Sergeant Dennis Burns.

It has the largest street value of any amount recovered by Marion police in the nearly 15 years Burns has been on the force.

"Time it's been cut, a couple of times," said Burns.  "Additives added to it, it's going to go for over a million."

Police suspect 39-year-old Vandell Griffin of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was moving the drugs up north via I-55.  He was caught after a female traveling companion called police while stopped at a McDonald's, claiming she was being held against her will.

"One of our officers was actually on the scene," said Burns.  "He was inside the store when the call came in."

Police found an old spare tire after Griffin gave them permission to search his brand new Nissan.  Police sliced open the tire after the dog hit on the odor of cocaine.

Griffin was charged with drug possession, trafficking, and child endangerment.  Three small children were also in the car not far from the cocaine-filled tire.

Police said Griffin was evasive about exactly where he was going.

Griffin was still in jail Thursday night.  His bond is set at $500,000.

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