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Memphis group planning vigil for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, FL, Teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer, photo courtesy: Martin family. Trayvon Martin, FL, Teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer, photo courtesy: Martin family.

(WMC-TV) - Marches and rallies have been organized across the country after the shooting of Trayvon Martin and now a group in Memphis is calling for justice and change.

The death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin is sparking action across the country, including a Mid-South group calling itself Change Memphis.

"It seems like the police department in Sanford has done the jury's job," said Mya Siggers, a leader with Change Memphis.

One of three women involved in organizing the Memphis vigil for Martin, Siggers is also a local attorney who says everyone should be paying attention to this case.

"Florida has a stand your ground law," she said. "Tennessee has that same law so it could easily happen here."

Leadership director Kia Grandberry says she hopes that like Dr. Martin Luther King's mission, people who join them will realize the vigil is about human rights rather than race.

"It's easy to get caught up in race because this was a young African American man," Grandberry said. "However, the person who had the gun wasn't a white person; this isn't a black and white issue."

Change Memphis expects hundreds of people to flock to the courtyard at the National Civil Rights Museum at 4:30 p.m.Monday. But they won't be there for a march or a rally, but for a peaceful prayer vigil.

"This is a peaceful assembly where we are going to give this issue to God," said Grandberry. "We've contacted law enforcement. They will be present."

Change Memphis says this effort to remember Martin is simply about justice.

"Anytime there is a law in place that allows a man to be sitting at home free with a murder weapon who admitted to pursuing and hunting down a young man, then there's something wrong with our justice system and that's what we want to address with this vigil and on a national level," said Grandberry.

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