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Shelby County Commissioners attend team building retreat

(WMC-TV) - After drawn out battles over voter redistricting and school consolidation, Shelby County Commissioners worked through their differences at a retreat Saturday.

Shelby County Commissioners took part in a team building retreat to move beyond a series confrontations.

"We're going to have different ideas, but we can still reach one common goal," said Shelby County Commissioner Melvin Burgess.

Burgess organized the retreat to mend fences after watching months of in-fighting, including accusations of bribery, a court battle, and police even responding to a public redistricting forum.

Commissioner Terry Roland said the retreat was a far cry from the forum in January when tensions reached the boiling point.

"Getting to know different sides of each other, and I think in the long run it's really going to help," said Roland.

The break came as commissioners prepared to review more redistricting maps Monday, as the courts decide whether or not to validate Commissioner Steve Mulroy's single-member district option.

"I think within a few weeks, you will see that the court will adopt that plan as the final plan and we won't have to do a redistricting plan," said Mulroy.

In addition to revisiting redistricting Monday, commissioners will also iron out possible filing petition errors for those vying to sit on the merged Memphis and Shelby County School Board.

"I think it's been more of a challenge this year for the commissioners than it's ever been, because of the redistricting and the school issue," said Shelby County Commissioner Sidney Chism.

Commissioners said the informal setting will help them be better legislators down the road.

"It's helping us see not ways to be adversaries, but ways to work together to get to the solution that we've got to get to," said Shelby County Commissioner Heidi Shafer.

"We're going to get this redistricting done, and Lord willing, get some answers on these schools," said Roland.

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